Audit Services

Audits are used to identify and diagnose system health issues. System audits in the wireless industry are typically performed on mature RF systems. Passive system components (e.g. cables, connectors, antennas) do not send SNMP data or alarm information. Active system components may lose calibration—also not triggering an SNMP alarm that something is wrong. Overtime, system issues can translate into poor system performance.

  • Visual Audit: Identify damaged passive equipment; Note any changes to the system environment that could potential affect system performance; Identify issues that may not present through SNMP alarms (e.g. cut cables, bad antennas, antenna tilt changes).

  • RF Downlink path Audit: Perform detailed data collection to identify active component degradation or failure that are not triggering SNMP alarms (e.g. bad amplifiers, filters).

  • RF Uplink path Audit: Check each system zone for noise. Use UL RSSI reports from the wireless operators to confirm UL path is clear of noise for the total system (RF source to antenna).
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